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Dellow Register

This site is dedicated to Dellow sports cars made between 1950 and 1959. They were extremely successful competition cars and continue to be to the present day.

The Dellow Register was formed in 1969 by two enthusiasts, Mark Hayward and John Temple, in an effort to trace as many of the existing cars as possible, and to encourage the preservation of this rare and exciting sports car.

Much of the history, production records and many photographs have been gathered by the Register.

We have one major reunion each year at Shelsley Walsh hill climb and members are positively encouraged to use their cars wherever possible in a wide variety of motor sport events. Members currently compete in MCC and ACTC Classic Trials, speed hill climbs, production car trials and grass autotests. This continues the tradition of Dellows being active across the wide spectrum of motor sport and increasingly popular classic runs.

Over the past 4 decades more than three quarters of the cars made have been located, but the search goes on. We currently have 100 members throughout the world.

The Register is also able to assist in the service, repair, preparation and restoration of your car with advice and encouragement.

Members receive the Gazette, a high quality journal full of news and history with colour images, three times a year. Contributions on any Dellow related topic are always welcome.

Some Sad News

Mike Westbrook, Dellow owner and MCC Competitor died suddenly last week when out on a run, aged 63.

Mike drove his red supercharged 1172cc Dellow with brio and was often to be seen competing with his brother driving either a Renault 5 or Ford Pop.

The funeral is at Shere Church in Surrey, GU5 9HG on Thursday 23rd October at 2pm.

All Dellow members are encouraged to attend with their Dellows wearing their Dellow jumpers. Seriously!